Rena 8 oz Liquid Hand Soap (FIG TREE)

6 Units Per (1) Pack
$3.90 each Wholesale Price

Feel good about the soap you and your family use. The Rena 8 oz Liquid Hand Soap is a natural, non-drying, softening cleaner that gets the job done. Your hands will thank you. Powered by hydrating plant oils and sulfate-free cleansers, the pure and gentle formula will protect the health of your family while preserving the health of our planet. $100 Minimum Order on all PPE items. Shipping time Frame 7-10 Business Days.    

Features of the Rena 8 oz Liquid Hand Soap include:

  • 8 oz Liquid Hand Soap
  • Non-drying
  • Sulfate-free
  • Contains hydrating plant oils
  • Vegan
  • Item# 34016

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